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We are the real estate agency of the Canavese Area.

Our team is substantial and competent, ready to meet all your real estate needs.

You can find us in Cuorgnè at Via Torino 16/E, not far from the train station, with ample parking at the back, and in Vistrorio at Piazza Cavour 12, on the main square of the town.

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COMMUNITY TIES - Canavese is our home
COMMUNITY TIES - Canavese is our home

In Canavese Case, we define the strong connection with the territory right in our name. We are well-acquainted with the area where we operate, the reference market, and all the characteristics of the towns that populate Canavese. You'll be talking to people who live in the area where the property you need to sell or buy is located.

 SOCIAL VALUE - Collaboration and Engagement
SOCIAL VALUE - Collaboration and Engagement

We believe that internal and external partnership is essential to provide you with the best service and comprehensive assistance. We are in contact with professionals for all your needs. 

Additionally, for us, social value also means being an active part of the community where we live, through participation in activities and events organized in Canavese.

PEOPLE FIRST - Foster connections
PEOPLE FIRST - Foster connections

Your needs take top priority for us. We will be your advisors before your real estate agents. We foster exchanges, forge new relationships, and establish connections among people, all because we firmly believe in the importance of sharing.

CUSTOMIZED OFFERS - Pinpoint the best solution
CUSTOMIZED OFFERS - Pinpoint the best solution

We offer tailored choices and personalized options. 

We are available across multiple channels to provide you the freedom to reach out to us in the way that suits you best: two physical offices for in-person meetings, a consistently managed phone line for your calls, and if it's more convenient to write to us, our email and WhatsApp are active. For those located abroad, we have staff who speak English and French and the capability to operate remotely.

In June 2013, thanks to a decade of experience and a deep knowledge of the territory, CANAVESE CASE was born, with the primary goal of meeting all the needs of its clients in real estate transactions. 

Our team consists of 7 founding partners who are active as real estate agents, front office staff, collaborators, and agents for a total of 16 active members ready to work to listen to and meet your requests.

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